Andrew Reynolds on Launching your own Home Based Business Part Two

According to Home Based Business mentor and coach, Andrew Reynolds, a successful home business generally will have a hard working entrepreneur at the helm, a person with a certain vision and drive, who is absolutely intent on the business succeeding. According to Andrew Reynolds, “So many people start a business in a half-baked way. They don’t have the right mind-set to start with” says Andrew Reynolds “I see so many people at my live Entrepreneurs Bootcamps who say ‘I know it won’t work for me, but I’ll give it a go’. Andrew Reynolds points out that “with that mental state they are almost guaranteed to fail”. The successful home based business owner will be an entrepreneur who is a little bit like a boulder rolling down a hill. Momentum carries them over the bumps that they find in their path. According to Andrew Reynolds “The failed home business normally gives up when they reach the slightest little bump- which every business will get sometime or another”.

The key says Andrew Reynolds, is to find a roadmap- and recipe – that you can follow. Find someone who has done what you want to do all you can to learn from them. “That’s what I did” Andrew Reynolds says “I found someone who was already making a lot of money working at home. I bought all his materials and attended his seminars – and learned every single thing I could direct from him, on how to start and run my own home based business using his methods”. After Andrew Reynolds had started he subscribed to the guys newsletter and kept in touch. In this way Andrew Reynolds had some form of mentor in the background to turn to when he hit a bump.

£50Million later, Andrew Reynolds now coaches and mentors other newbie Home Business owners – from start up to advanced business building. Andrew Reynolds tips for a successful start-up include looking at yourself and asking some questions. “Are you a person that others might consider is a ‘doer’ – a person who no matter whether it’s a small project or a large undertaking, sticks with it and ‘gets the job done’?” Asks Andrew Reynolds “Do you have a past record that you can point to of being a ‘doer’?

Did you ever earn money when you were at school? Andrew Reynolds talks about how when there was a craze at his school for water pistols. “I found a newsagents in town who sold them a lot cheaper than anywhere else” says Andrew Reynolds “I bought a few and resold them at a profit at school while still undercutting other retailers”.

Above all – have you learned to trust your ‘gut instinct’, rather than wait until you have a lot of information at hand? Many successful entrepreneurs trust their ‘gut’. Like Andrew Reynolds they take action and act on their ‘gut feelings’ while others just think about it.

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Andrew Reynolds on Launching your own Home Based Business Part Three

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand For Charity

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand students now get the chance to see some of the charity work which he does. One of the advantages of Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand system is that your profits can come in on auto pilot leaving you time and resources to put something back into the community. In Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand module 1 for example he includes some video footage on DVD of a recent trip to the townships in South Africa where estimates suggest that over a million people are crammed into a small area littered with temporary shacks. At Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Bootcamp, which is featured on the DVD, Andrew showed a recent visit to meet with entrepreneurs who are each determined to better their lot in life. As an Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand student you get the opportunity to see what a huge difference money can make in helping these entrepreneurs to fulfil their dream.

For example, the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand DVDs shows Andrew visiting a lady called Rosie who was running a food centre to feed around 400 young children 3 times a day. Rosie’s kitchen had received help with the provision of food from a local charity but sadly was faced with shutting down, leaving the children hungry, when the charity ran out of funds there was a very moving point at the Bootcamp when Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand students in the audience saw Rosie break down in tears as Andrew agreed to personally provide the funds for her to keep the kitchen open for the foreseeable years.

Andrew then went on to visit Vicky, a determined entrepreneur who had already changed the life of her family by opening a small business in the township. Vicky had then gathered local residents together and raised enough funds to demolish their shacks and in their place build solid concrete houses. At the point that Andrew arrived, which is shared on the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand DVD on the film, Vicky and her friends had run out of money and could not put any roofs on the houses. Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand students witnessed Andrew agreeing to provide funding to help the community get the roofs on before winter set in and to finish the 20 houses

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